Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic opening ceremony AKA Britain is truely great...

...unfortunately I was in work til twenty past eleven last night and missed the Olympic opening ceremony :( and I wanted to see it so much, however I caught up with it on BBC iPlayer today and I have to say it was A-mazing.
Danny Boyle really did Britain proud and summed our nation up so so well! It was so original, so British and pretty cool too.
The Olympic cauldron is insane and having the flame brought to the stadium by David Beckham in a speedboat? Totally great. 
I think that it's shown us that we have so so much to be proud of! We may be up shit creek financially but as long as I can come home after a hard days work and listen to David Bowie it's all ok.
Rule Britannia - I hope our athletes win a million medals.
PS. I was secretly hoping that Edina and Patsy really were going to light the Olympic Flame it would have been mega.

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