Sunday, 19 February 2012


... ok so I've posted about my fave songs and just thought it was about time to big up my fave films! 

... number one favourite film ever is Eagle vs Shark. It has Jemaine in it from Flight of the Conchords- hilarious as usual. It's about a girl who falls for a guy and goes with him to his hometown where he just treats her like crap really. Long story short he sees the error of his ways and they end up happily ever after. Hilarious film trust me.

...Desperately Seeking Susan. What can I say- everyone knows I love a bit of 80s Madge! If you haven't seen it you need to see it stat. Classic 80s.

... Ghost World. Oh how I love a misfit. I just love this film about a quirky girl living in such a normal world. Enid is my hero. (Obviously after Madonna).

... This Is England. Yeah I liked it before it became a franchise. I love anything about subcultures me, this film is just pure brilliance. It's almost a piece of art.

... Me Without You. A story about to girls friendship over the years specifically through the 80s. Its just a great film and I probably love it the most for it's 80s factor.

... Blade Runner. Absolute classic - this has got to be in everyones favourite film list! I've also come to realise recently that I really like Harrison Ford...

... American Psycho. Brilliant film with the brilliant Christian Bale. I have to say this is one that I have to say I prefer the film to the book - if you haven't read the book, and you're squemish like me, I'd say just stick to the film. 

... The Machinist. Genius film, and what can I say I like Christian Bale! This film is such a clever, psychological thriller and it's abit creepy too. 

... Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. I'm a sucker for Michael Cera he's such a nerd but he'd so be a good boyfriend - especially if he was really like Nick in 'Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist'. Anyway I love this film it's so silly and has a great concept behind it.

... Virgin Suicides. Such a beautiful and sad film. I love the way it's filmed it's so hazy and dreamy. The styling in this film is brilliant, the girls always look so angelic almost asif they were never really alive.

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